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Who uses YouTube?

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There are more than 7 million unique YouTube accounts in Australia. In March 2012, 10 million Australians visited YouTube according to Google statistics. While YouTube use is dominated by people between 18 and 40, people of all ages participate.

Businesses that use YouTube

YouTube use by Australian business is still very small compared with other social media like Facebook and Twitter. About 25% of Australian large businesses reported using YouTube as a business tool in 2012, but only about 1% of small and medium businesses did, according to the Yellow Social Media Report.

Businesses that can benefit from using YouTube are likely to:

  • have interesting, video-friendly content to share
  • have a ‘personality’ as well as a brand
  • welcome feedback, comment and interaction and can deal with it well
  • have staff who are enthusiastic about social media and keen to use online video.

Australian businesses using YouTube range from large corporations (e.g. banks) to small businesses (e.g. personal trainers). Enterprises with a significant online presence (such as real estate firms, tourism operators, or retailers with online stores) often integrate YouTube with other web-based tools as part of their business model.


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